About Me / 关于我

Curriculum Vitae of
Li Yanzhang  李彦樟

Born 出生

1997 Nov. Guangzhou, Guangdong.


Education 教育经历

2016 Sep. – Current Industrial Design, College of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University. Hangzhou.

2016年9月至今 浙江大学计算机科学与技术学院工业设计系 在读

2018 Sep. – 2018 Dec. Exchange to Singuapore University of Technology and Design, SG.

2018年9月-2018年12月 新加坡科技设计大学(SUTD) 交换

Courses and Projects:
Introduction to Information System and Programming. Learned information system, Java programming and Android development basic. Built a demo Website and Android App for smart class attendance, using Html5, CSS3, Javascript and Java.
Entrepreneurship. Learned background knowledge of building start-ups and gained practice. Co-funder of Bulbup Co. (www.bulbup.co)
• UROP Project. Reframe a website, functioning at assessing potential value of patents. Framed interaction logic and flow, built it with Html5, CSS3 and Javascript (d3.js).

2013 Sep. – 2016 Jun. Zhixin High School. Guangzhou.

2013年9月 – 2016年6月 广州市执信中学

GPA (until 2018 Dec.): 3.72/4.0

Rank(2017-2018): 2/35


Extracurricular Practice 课外实践

2017 Jun. – 2018 Jun. Director of Promotion and Planning Center, Qiushichao Work Team, ZJU.

2017 – 2018 浙江大学党委学工部求是潮工作团队 推广策划中心总监

• Held more than 7 activities, led and got involved in all the process of planning, sponsoring, promoting, etc. Every activity was popular and the total number of participants are more than 5000, which is one of the best activities on campus. Our team is also the best student team in activities on campus.
• As the leader of the organizing committee of the 4th Tide Musical Festival (2017), in charge of promotion and planning, scheduled and planned various ways to promote the activity. The result turns to be all the 500 tickets were given out in 1 minute online and the attendace reached more than 100%.
• Abundant experience in Wechat Public Account operation, sectional editor and operator of QiuShiChao public account; the amount of the platform’s attention increased from 19,000 to 24,000, and the reading volume per article was more than 2000; it is one of the most excellent self-media platforms in ZJU. • Being invited to give online lecture of more than 1000 freshmen of ZJU on balancing study and social work.


2016 Sep. – Current Member of Industrial Design Association, ZJU.

2016年9月至今 浙江大学工业设计协会成员


2017 Aug. Member of Hongyuan Voluntary Teaching Team, ZJU.


• Took a 14-day support education to primary and secondary school with my teammates in Hongyuan, A ba.
• Completed more than 10 lessons and 30 pages of lesson preparation, and completed extracurricular activities (including sport competition and treasure hunts). Took on photography tasks (more than 100 photos) and video shooting task (5 minutes). Wrote multiple press releases and online pushes.
• Awarded 1st prize in the Summer Social Practice Activity of ZJU (2017).


Award 奖项

2017-2018学年 浙报-阿里新媒体奖学金

2017-2018 First Prize Scholarship for Excellence in Academy, ZJU


2017-2018 Outstanding Student, ZJU


2017-2018 Outstanding Student Leader Awards, ZJU


2017 TechINK International Industrial Design Award – Excellence Award

2017年钛墨奖国际大学生工业设计比赛 优胜奖

2016-2017 Outstanding Student Leader Awards, ZJU


2016-2017 Scholarship for Excellence in Arts and Sports, ZJU



Skill 技能

Design: Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop / Indesign / Arduino / Rhino / Keyshot / Principle / Adobe XD(learning) / After Effect(learning)

Coding: Programming C / html5 & css3 / JavaScript, React.js(learning) / Java(learning)

Hobby and Others:  Microsoft Office Series / Wechat Official Account Management / Swimming



Mail: liyanzhang1117@foxmail.com / liyanzhang@zju.edu.cn

Address: Zijingang Campus of ZJU, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. 310035.