Design Management is a half-term course conducted by Dr.Li Xiangdong. The course in mainly about the basic introduction to DESIGN MANAGEMENT and the METHODOLOGIES of finding design problems and design solutions.

My assignment on finding design problems and design solutions are below. I made quite an effort on ASS1, updated 3 versions of it to get a high mark, while only spent one day on ASS2. Then the final score of the course is 94.9/100.

ASS1: Design Problems Score: 91

ASS2: Design Solution Score: 92

Other students’ ASS can be checked on:

The suggestion is on the ASS is: for ASS1, start your ASS late and learn from your classmates’ great ASS, then you can really save yourself. Because the thing teacher wants to see is HOW you use method and WHAT you gain from using it. If you choose a topic like e-Schoolbag, it will be really hard for you to find fascinated methods. It is strongly suggested to choose a simple topic, for teacher never care about how difficult your topic is. For ASS2, buy <通用设计方法> and check other’s ASS to use new and interesting method with clear logic, then you will get a high score.

    I started ASS1 quite early and communicate with Dr.Li many times, like more than 5 e-mails and over 1000 words Q&A. But finally I found that the most fast and easiest way to get high score is to use fascinated methods, which I do not appreciate.


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