General Introduction

The concept is basically generated from the Chinese traditional fan (Tuan-fan) and koi (the fancy carp), both stand for luckiness and happiness in Chinese culture. We abstract the shape of a fancy crap, then trying to build it with bamboo fans. There is an old Chinese saying “the carp leaps dragon date”, and we build the installation trying to impress the audience with an uplifted spirit.

What’s more

In the process, we found that different people were actually inspired by our installation differently. Some said it looked like a storm, some said it looked like a feather, and some said it looked like a water drop form the distance. We think that a good installation can leave different fantasies to the audience, and we believe the Koi can do it.


Build in 2017/12, Grade 2nd.


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Cooperated with 5 people, 4 weeks.


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