Test for Markdown

I wrote something in this line, then i press enter key here Then it comes to the next line, so I press shift+enter key Then it comes to this line. It is said that you enter <br/>you will get the same result.

A block Quote by pressing ‘>’ Here is when I press enter

Press enter for 2 times to escape Quote.

  • a point by pressing ‘*’+’ ‘

    • a task (can be changed by click)

    • a finished task

    C#include<Stdio.h> Here is a code.

Created a table

[footnote] Here is the text of the footnote.

This is My website Internal Links HERE and insert urls as links liyanzhang@zju.edu.cn Hello World Underline is troublesome HERE 😄 you can also input emoji. Image: <img src=”http://www.w3.org/html/logo/img/mark-word-icon.png” width=”200px” /> (And width, height attribute in HTML tag, and width, height, zoom style in style attribute will be applied.)   


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